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Rotary Outstanding Vocational Awards
Rotary Outstanding Vocational Awards

ROVA is an intensive educational program for vocational youth leaders in their Junior year of high school. Young people are chosen for their potential and attend this Leadership Camp to learn and enhance skills in teamwork, leadership and communications through effective practice.

Goals of ROVA

1. Demonstrate the respect Rotary District 7280 has for youth who are potential leaders attending a Vocational Education Program.
2. Provide a positive training experience for selected youth and potential leaders.  
3. Encourage leadership of youth by youth.  
4. Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities, their peers, and their school.

For more information, please contact Tracy Becker or Frank Magagnotti.

Activities Pictured Below:  Trust Walk; Noodle Knights; Human Knot; Electric Spider Web; Centipede Ski Racing; Cube Building

Trust Walk